What Is Slashing In Hockey?

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What Is Slashing In Hockey?

Hockey is a thrilling and fast-paced sport that requires skill, agility, and finesse. It is a game of strategy and physicality, where players utilize various techniques to gain an advantage over their opponents. One such technique, often seen during gameplay, is slashing. In this blog, we will delve into the world of slashing in hockey, understanding its purpose, rules, and the penalties associated with this controversial maneuver.

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Understanding Slashing

Slashing is a term used in hockey to describe the act of forcefully and intentionally striking an opponent’s body or stick with one’s own stick. It is typically done in an attempt to impede the progress of an opponent, disrupt their play, or gain an advantage in puck possession. Slashing involves a quick, downward motion with the stick, aiming to make contact with the targeted area.

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Purpose And Intent

Slashing is employed by players for various reasons, each with its own strategic objective. Some common purposes of slashing include:

  1. Disrupting the Opponent: Slashing can be used to disrupt an opponent’s movement, timing, or shot execution by applying pressure or causing discomfort. The forceful strike can throw off an opponent’s balance or interfere with their ability to handle the puck effectively.
  2. Gaining Puck Possession: In certain situations, players may use a well-timed slash to dislodge the puck from an opponent’s stick. By striking the opponent’s stick, players aim to jar the puck loose, allowing them to gain possession and launch a counterattack.
  3. Sending a Message: Slashing can also be employed as a means of intimidation or retaliation. Players may use it to assert physical dominance or to respond to perceived rough play or aggression from opponents.

Rules And Penalties

While hockey embraces physicality, there are rules in place to ensure player safety and maintain fair play. Slashing is considered an illegal action in the sport, and players can face penalties for engaging in this behavior. The severity of the penalty depends on the intent, force, and consequences of the slash. Common penalties for slashing include:

  1. Minor Penalty: A minor penalty, typically resulting in two minutes of playing time in the penalty box, is given for a slash that does not cause significant harm or injury to the opponent.
  2. Major Penalty: A major penalty, resulting in five minutes of playing time in the penalty box, is assessed for a more severe or dangerous slash that causes injury or harm to the opponent.
  3. Match Penalty: In extreme cases where the slash is deemed deliberate, malicious, or intended to injure, a match penalty may be given. This penalty results in the player’s ejection from the game and often leads to further disciplinary action.

Importance Of Stick Control And Fair Play

While slashing may seem like a tempting strategy in the heat of the game, it is essential for players to prioritize stick control and fair play. Skilled players understand the value of clean, controlled maneuvers that showcase their talent without endangering opponents or risking penalties. Developing stick handling skills, agility, and strong defensive techniques can provide a competitive edge without resorting to slashing.


Slashing in hockey is a technique used to gain an advantage over opponents, disrupt play, or assert physical dominance. While it can be tempting to employ this maneuver, players must adhere to the rules and regulations of the sport. Understanding the purpose, penalties, and consequences of slashing helps foster a culture of fair play, sportsmanship, and respect on the ice. With proper stick control and skillful gameplay, players can excel while keeping the game safe and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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What Is Considered Slashing In Hockey?

(Note) Slashing is the act of a player swinging their stick at an opponent, whether contact is made, or not. Any forceful chop with the stick on an opponent’s body or opponent’s stick, on or near the opponent’s hands, shall be considered slashing .

What Is The Difference Between Slashing And Stick Checking?

Slashing is the act of swinging the hockey stick in an axe-like motion towards an opponent, regardless of if contact is made or not. The stick foul involves making direct contact or gesturing a forceful chop against the recipient’s body or stick.

What Is A Slash Penalty In Hockey?

A Slashing penalty will be assessed to any player who swings their stick at an opponent (whether out of range or not) without actually striking them, or who, on the pretext of playing the puck, makes a wild swing at the puck with the object of intimidating their opponent.

What Are Slashing Penalties?

Slashing is a mechanism put in place to enforce good behavior. It is an irreversible punishment that ‘slashes’ a percentage of an offending validator’s current stake. It results in a steady loss of ETH over time until the network forcibly evicts the validator and labels them “slashed.”


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