What Is Micro Modal Fabric?

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In the realm of textiles, innovation often leads to the creation of fabrics that redefine comfort, luxury, and sustainability. Among these advancements is Micro Modal, a fabric revered for its exquisite softness, breathability, and eco-friendly characteristics. In this blog post, we’ll embark on a textile journey to unravel the wonders of Micro Modal fabric, exploring its composition, properties, benefits, and its growing popularity in the world of fashion and lifestyle.

What Is Micro Modal Fabric?

Micro Modal is a type of rayon fabric known for its ultra-fine fibers and exceptional softness, derived from beechwood cellulose. It falls under the broader category of Modal, but Micro Modal distinguishes itself with its finer and more delicate fibers, resulting in a fabric renowned for its luxurious feel and superior quality.

Properties Of Micro Modal Fabric:

  1. Softness and Silk-like Texture: The hallmark of Micro Modal fabric is its unparalleled softness, often likened to that of silk. The fine fibers create a smooth, supple texture that feels gentle and luxurious against the skin.
  2. Breathability and Moisture Absorption: Micro Modal is highly breathable, allowing air to circulate freely. It exhibits excellent moisture-wicking properties, absorbing and evaporating moisture quickly, which contributes to a cool and dry feel, ideal for various climates.
  3. Durability and Color Retention: Despite its delicate feel, Micro Modal is surprisingly durable and maintains its shape and color vibrancy even after repeated washes, offering long-lasting wear and colorfastness.
  4. Environmental Sustainability: Micro Modal is derived from renewable beechwood pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests. Its production process involves eco-friendly techniques, making it a more environmentally conscious fabric choice.

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Benefits And Applications:

  1. Luxurious Apparel: Micro Modal is a favored choice for luxury apparel, including underwear, loungewear, pajamas, T-shirts, and dresses, owing to its exceptional softness and comfort.
  2. Active and Athleisure Wear: Its moisture-wicking properties make it ideal for activewear, ensuring comfort during workouts and active pursuits.
  3. Versatile Home Textiles: Micro Modal is also used in the creation of bedding, sheets, and towels, offering a soft and breathable experience for a restful night’s sleep.
  4. Sustainable Fashion Choice: Its eco-friendly production process and biodegradability align with the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally conscious textiles.


Micro Modal fabric stands as a testament to the intersection of luxury, comfort, and sustainability in the world of textiles. Its exquisite softness, breathability, and eco-friendly nature have garnered attention from both fashion enthusiasts and those seeking comfortable, high-quality fabrics. As the demand for luxurious yet sustainable materials grows, Micro Modal continues to emerge as a sought-after choice, offering a blend of opulence and conscientiousness that resonates with the evolving preferences of consumers in the modern era of fashion and lifestyle.


Is Micro Modal Better Than Cotton?

Micromodal is two times softer and 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. Cotton is durable like micromodal, but it will wrinkle and shrink if not laundered in cold water and damp-dried on low. Oftentimes, in the case of undergarments, those made from cotton tend to bunch up and lose their shape.

Is Micro Modal The Same As Polyester?

Modal is much softer than polyester. Polyester is stronger than modal. Polyester is generally easier to find, especially by the metre. Polyester is a fully synthetic fabric, whereas modal is semi-synthetic.

What’s The Difference Between Modal And Micro Modal?

Compared to regular Modal fabric, Micro Modal has thinner fibres. So Micro Modal can be tightly woven to produce a soft silky fabric that is resistant to moisture and heat. Thus, many leading fashion companies integrate this fabric with products like innerwear, loungewear and activewear.

Does Micro Modal Shrink?

Micromodal is a specialized type of modal rayon that is prized for its incredible softness and resistance to shrinkage. This type of rayon also has an excellent moisture-wicking profile, which makes it a popular choice for underwear and various types of sportswear.

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