What Is ACS Valorant?

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Valorant, the popular online multiplayer game developed by Riot Games, has gained immense popularity among gamers worldwide. To ensure fair gameplay and maintain a competitive environment, Valorant employs an innovative anti-cheat system known as ACS Valorant. In this blog post, we will dive into what ACS Valorant is, how it functions, and its significance in the world of Valorant.

What Is ACS Valorant?

ACS Valorant, also known as “Anti-Cheat System Valorant,” is a robust anti-cheat software implemented in the game to detect and prevent cheating, hacking, and other unfair practices. It operates in the background while players engage in matches, actively monitoring and analyzing gameplay data to identify any suspicious activities or unauthorized modifications.

How Does ACS Valorant Work?

ACS Valorant utilizes advanced algorithms and sophisticated techniques to detect cheats and hacks, ensuring fair gameplay and maintaining the integrity of the competitive environment. Here are some key components and functionalities of ACS Valorant:

  1. Vanguard: Vanguard is the kernel-mode driver component of ACS Valorant. It operates at a low level of the computer’s operating system, providing real-time monitoring and protection against cheat software. Vanguard starts as soon as the computer boots up and runs in the background, constantly scanning for any unauthorized programs or modifications.
  2. Fog of War: The Fog of War system in Valorant restricts the visibility of game data to prevent cheating. ACS Valorant ensures that player-specific information, such as enemy positions and other crucial gameplay elements, is concealed from unauthorized third-party programs or cheat software.
  3. Behavioral Analysis: ACS Valorant employs behavioral analysis techniques to detect suspicious patterns and behaviors that indicate cheating or unauthorized modifications. It compares the gameplay data of individual players to established norms and identifies deviations that may indicate unfair practices.
  4. Reporting System: ACS Valorant provides players with a reporting system, allowing them to report suspected cheaters directly. This feature helps in gathering community feedback and ensures a collaborative effort to maintain fair gameplay.

Significance Of ACS Valorant In Valorant

  1. Fair Competition: ACS Valorant plays a crucial role in ensuring fair competition among players. By actively detecting and preventing cheats and hacks, it helps maintain an even playing field, where skill and strategy determine success rather than unfair advantages gained through cheating.
  2. Security and Trust: ACS Valorant enhances the security and trust within the Valorant community. Players can engage in matches with confidence, knowing that cheating is actively monitored and dealt with. This contributes to a positive gaming experience and fosters a strong and trustworthy community.
  3. Long-Term Health of the Game: The implementation of ACS Valorant is essential for the long-term health and sustainability of the game. By actively combatting cheating, Riot Games can preserve the integrity of Valorant as an esport, ensuring a level playing field for professional players and maintaining the interest and engagement of the player base.


ACS Valorant is a critical component of Valorant’s commitment to fair gameplay and maintaining a competitive environment. By employing advanced techniques and constant monitoring, ACS Valorant plays a vital role in detecting and preventing cheats and hacks, contributing to the security, trust, and long-term health of the game. With ACS Valorant in place, players can fully immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Valorant, focusing on their skills and strategies to achieve victory in a fair and exciting competitive landscape.

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What Is ACS Rating Valorant?

To put it simply, ACS is a rating given to you by Valorant based on your performance in the match. The player with the highest ACS will become the MVP of the match, and it is calculated relative to other players in the lobby.

Is 400 ACS Good?

An ACS above 400 is a rare feat and usually implies that the player had a great game and most likely carried their team.

What Does ACS Mean In Gaming?

Average Combat Score

Average Combat Score, often abbreviated as ACS is a post-game stat that reflects a player’s overall performance in the game, but also influences the Rank Rating that you gain or lose.

What Is ACS In Fps Games?

The average Combat Score is calculated per round, as well as at the end of the game. Valorant quantifies your contribution per round in a match. In this way, the ACS that you see at the end of a game is the average of every round played.


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