What Is The Population Of Tucson Arizona?

You might be searching for the population of Tucson Arizona. Right?  Well, this article will solve your problem, because it will tell you everything about Tucson’s population. Tucson is the second largest city by population and it is located in the southeast of the state of Arizona in the United States. It is the 58th largest metropolitan area as well as the 33rd largest city in the United States. The city is popularly known for the breathtaking Sonoran Desert, amazing cuisine, and some of the cleanest air of any major city worldwide. Let us move on to the population of Tucson Arizona.   The population of Tucson Arizona is 547,131 as of 2022. With this population, the city holds the second position in terms of the large population in the state and the 33rd position in the country. Tucson is currently growing at a rate of 0.41% yearly and its population has increased by 0.33% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 545,340 in 2020. The city is spanning over 238 miles, it has a population density of 2,290 people per square mile. 

Let’s know the population of Tucson along with other cities located in the state. 

Population Of Tucson Arizona By Cities 

From the table given below, you can say that the most populated city in the state is Phoenix and the population of Phoenix, Arizona is 1,640,641 as of 2022. The overall population of Arizona is 72.8 lakhs as of 2021. Tucson is the second largest city with a population of 547,131 as of 2022. Toyei is the fastest-growing city in Arizona over the past 10 years, having grown -100.005 since 2010. Below are the ten cities sorted by population, you can easily figure out which city has how much population. Just go through the table. 

Name Of City Population Density In Sq/m2
Phoenix 1,640,6413,169
Tucson 547,1312,299
Mesa 517,3023,746
Chandler 283,9594,360
Gilbert 279,8104,086
Glendale 252,6454,102
Scottsdale 246,1571,338
Peoria 198,3691,127
Tempe 184,3614,612
Surprise 148,2741,372

Population Of Tucson Arizona As Per Year 

Tucson’s population increases in the winter because many retirees have spent their winters in the city. During the recession period, the city went from being one of the hottest real estate markets to one of the most troubled, and the city is now one of the poorest big cities in the country. Due to this, the population of the city decreases. Here is a table given below that will give you the population of the city over the last ten years. From this, you can observe the growth of the population of the city. So, take a look at the table given below. 

Year Population

Now, you have an idea of the total population of Tucson Arizona as well as Tucson population growth, let’s know some interesting facts about Tucson’s population. 

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Facts About Population Of Tucson Arizona 

The facts about the population of Tucson Arizona are, 

  • As per the racial composition of the city, 69.34% of people are white and 10.34% people are of other races. 
  • 8.68% of people are of two or more races and 4.92% of people are Black or African American. 
  • The highest rate of high school graduation is among white people with a rate of 94.655. 
  • And, the highest rate of bachelor’s degrees is among Asian people at a rate of 49.41%. 
  • About 67.39% of people in Tucson speak English, while the remaining 32.61% of people speak other languages. Other languages include Spanish. 
  • Tucson Hispanic population is around 232,854 as of 2022, Pima county population is 10.5 lakhs as of 2021, and Tucson black population is around 26,822 as of 2020.  
  • Every year about 3.5 million people visit the city, therefore people feel like Tucson is more populated. 
  • Paleo-Indians first inhabited Tucson, AZ, and recent archeological work has found a village dating 2100 BC. 

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What Is The Population Of The Greater Tucson Metropolitan Area?

The population in the Tucson Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) increased by 1.2% in 2021, bringing the total population to 1,058,318 residents. This growth rate ranked Tucson fourth out of 12 western MSAs. Austin posted the fastest growth rate at 2.3%, while San Diego’s population decreased by 0.3%.

Is Tucson An Expensive Place To Live?

With a cost of living that’s 6% lower than the national average and 5% lower than the state average, Tucson is an affordable place to live in Arizona. Housing costs are also 25% lower than the national average with median home prices around $132,200 and median rent prices around $772.

Is Tucson A Friendly City?

Best of all, this Arizona city is a friendly spot to new residents, so there’s no question that you’ll find a community ready to welcome you in.

What Is The Main Industry In Tucson?

Long known for hard mining operations and copper extraction, Tucson has now established itself as an industry leader in mining technology. Arizona is ranked #3 nationally in solar employment according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Mining employs nearly 36,000 people in Arizona.

What Percent Of Tucson Is Hispanic?

Race & Ethnicity

The largest Tucson racial/ethnic groups are Hispanic (44.6%) followed by White (42.6%) and Black (4.4%).

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Is Tucson A Retirement City?

Great for Snowbirds & Retirees

These factors are also what make this city a great place for retirees! With lower independent living costs, a variety of outdoor activities for older adults, and no tax on Social Security benefits, Tucson is a popular place to retire in Arizona.

How Many Indian People Are In Tucson Arizona?

In the city limits of Tucson with 262,933 persons, there were 1,926 Indians, constituting . 7 percent of the city’s population.

Which Is Bigger Tucson Or Phoenix?

Phoenix is the capital and largest city in Arizona, with a population that’s almost five times that of the state’s second-largest city, Tucson.


In this article, you have understood everything about the population of Tucson in detail. You might get all the answers and all your doubts might get cleared. Due to the recession, Tucson turned into a poor city, and now 20.79% of the total population is living under the poverty line. But, with time, the city will grow to beat poverty within some upcoming years. Overall the city is very great to live in because of the low cost of living here and the tremendous tourist places to visit. So, this was all about the population of Tucson Arizona