Population Of Springfield Mo 

Do you know the exact figure for the population of Springfield Mo? If not, go through this article. Springfield Mo is the 3rd largest city in the United States state of Missouri and the county seat of Greene County. It is a quintessential American city, famous as the origin of the United State Highway 66. From vast career opportunities to abundant attractions, you will quickly come to know that Springfield is not just a good place to live, it is one of the best places to live in the entire Midwest & Missouri. It is ranked 25th cheapest city among all the cities in the US to live in. So, without wasting your time let’s get started and know the population of Springfield Mo. 

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Population Of Springfield Mo 

The population of Springfield Mo is 168,911 as of 2022. The current population of Springfield, Mo has a growth rate of 0.20% annually and its population has increased by 5.98% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 159,376 in 2010. There has not been a time when the city of Springfield has experienced a decline in the population. In its earlier years, it saw significant growth according to census data. The population density of Springfield Mo is 2,050.10 sq mi. 

Let’s have a look at the population of the different cities located near Springfield Mo. 

Population Of Springfield Mo By City 

Springfield Mo is the principal city in Missouri but there are also other important cities in Missouri. Therefore, as per population the largest city in Missouri is Kansas city with a population of 505,272. And the second most pompous city in Missouri is St. Louis with a population of 292,047. As per fast growth, Cottleville’s name comes first because this city has grown 102.14% in 10 years since 2010. Here, is a table showing you the population and population density of cities in Missouri state. 

Name Of City  Population  Density Per Sq/m 
Kansas City  505272 1605
St Louis  292047 4730
Columbia  125181 1909
Independence  115637 1483
Lee’s Summit  101862 1596
O’Fallon  89600 3009
St. Joseph  72688 1651
St. Charles   71691 2888
St. Peters  61479 2744
Joplin  51888 1362

Population Of  Springfield Mo As Per Year 

While seeing the population of Springfield, Mo per year, you will find there is consistent growth in the population. In the year 1880, the population of the city was just over 6,500 and in the next census, it reached over 21,000. While the population of city growth has slowed since that time, each 10 years census shows that the numbers continue to climb. Don’t go so much behind just observe the population in only 10 to 12 years you will understand the growth. Here is the table containing the population of the city from 2010 to 2021. 

Year  Population 
2021 478354
2020 474327
2019 470300
2018 466273
2017 462090
2016 457917
2015 455593
2014 451556
2013 448427
2012 444329
2011 440432
2010 437349

Facts About Population Of  Springfield Mo 

The facts about the population of  Springfield Mo are 

  • The black population in Springfield Mo is 4.28% of the total population. And the White population is 87.65% of the total population  
  • The highest rate of high school graduation is among islander people with a rate of 100.00%. 
  • The highest rate of bachelor’s degrees is among Asian people with a rate of 54.67%. 
  • 94.91% of the total population speaks only the English language, while 5.09% speak other languages. The non-English language spoken by the largest group is Spanish, which is spoken by 2.38% of the population. 
  • Over 3 million overnight visitors come to the city each year. Therefore, the population density increases.

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What Is The Population Of Springfield In 2022?

Springfield city population in 2022 is estimated to be 171,189, covers city area of 82.31 sq mi (213.2 sq km), ranks third largest city in Missouri State, one-hundred-fifty-eighth city in the United States.

Is Springfield Missouri A Nice Place To Live?

From vast career opportunities to abundant attractions, you’ll quickly come to know that Springfield isn’t just a good place to live, it’s one of the best places to live in Missouri and the entire Midwest.

What Is The Ethnic Makeup Of Springfield Missouri?

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Springfield, MO are White (Non-Hispanic) (85.3%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (4.25%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (3.26%), White (Hispanic) (2.74%), and Asian (Non-Hispanic) (2.06%).

What Is Springfield MO Known For?

Springfield is a quintessential American city, famous as the origin of U.S. Highway 66. The city’s history even extends to the Civil War, and you can sense the war’s impact through museums and monuments; five Black servicemen, known as buffalo soldiers, are buried here.

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Is Springfield Missouri A Big City?

Springfield is the third largest city in the U.S. state of Missouri and the county seat of Greene County. The city’s population was 169,176 at the 2020 census.

What Is The Fastest Growing Town In Missouri?

Springfield (0.8%) and Columbia (0.7%) were Missouri’s fastest growing metro areas. The Kansas City, MO-KS metropolitan statistical area (MSA) grew slightly faster (0.5%) than the nation, while growth in the St. Louis, MO-IL MSA (0.0%) was flat between 2019 and 2020.

Which State In USA Is Close To Chicago?

The city of Chicago is located in Illinois. However, the greater Chicagoland area extends well into southeastern Wisconsin and northwestern Indiana. What is the capital of Chicago?

How Much Is The Average Electric Bill In Springfield MO?

On average, Springfield, MO residents spend about $152 per month on electricity. That adds up to $1,824 per year.


So, you know everything about Springfield’s population as well as the population of other cities near Springfield Mo. Springfield city is not the first populated city in Missouri but it is the 3rd populated city followed by Kansas City and St. Louis. Many people move to Springfield city because of immense jobs and career opportunities. On the other hand, many people have left the city due to some reasons. This was all about the population of Springfield Mo

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