What Is The Population Of Paraguay? 

You might know that the population of Paraguay is growing. But how much it has grown, we will discuss it in this article. In this article, we will give you the population of the top cities in the country along with their population densities. Also, we will give you the population of the country over the past 10 years to check the population growth. Paraguay, officially the Republic of Paraguay, is a landlocked country located in South America. It shares borders with some popular countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. Paraguay is considered 97th in the list of the richest counties in the world. So, instead of further discussion let’s come to the population of Paraguay. 

What Is The Population Of Paraguay? 

The population of Paraguay is 6,828,766 as of 2023. The population of the country has a growth rate of about 1.5%. So, at this rate, it will reach 7.6 million in the future. The stable amount of growth in the population has not always been so. The rate of change has been slowly decreasing for multiple decades and that trend is expected to continue. According to the current projections, the rate will fall below 1% by 2030 and will decline further to below 0.5% by 2050. The population of Paraguay today is  6,828,766 but the population of Paraguay over time will be less. Paraguay population density is 18 people per km2.  

Here is some different population of the country, 

  • The population of Paraguay in million is 7.22 million
  • The population of Paraguay right now is 6,828,766
  • The most recent population of Paraguay is 6,828,766
  • Official population of Paraguay is 6,828,766
  • The population growth of Paraguay is 1.3% annual change as of 2021
  • Ethnicity population of Paraguay is 20% of the total population

Now, you know what is the population of Paraguay today. Let’s know how large is the population of Paraguay according to the different cities within it. 

Population Of Paraguay By Cities 

The largest city in Paraguay, in terms of population is Asunciaon, with a population of 1,482, 200 as of 2023. While Ciudad del Este is the second largest city in the county, with a population of 320,782 as of 2023 and the third largest city in the country is San Lorenzo, with a population of 227,8776 as of 2023. To know the population of the different cities in the country, refer to the table given below. 

Name Of City Population Density In Sq/m2
Asuncion 1,482,200 4458
Ciudad del Este 320,782 2900
San Lorenzo 227,876 4623.55
Capiata 198,553 2784.2
Lambare 126,377 5204
Fernando de la More 120,167 5426
Limpio 96,143 1413.3
Nemby 94,641 3170
Pedro Juan Caballero 75,109 200
Encarnacion 74,983 505.8

Population Of Paraguay As Per Year 

The growth rate of the country is very close to the worldwide annual growth rate of slightly over 1%. Similarly, the country’s birth rate is almost the same as the worldwide average of around 2.5 children born to each woman. This growth rate is a stable and sustainable growth rate for the region, with Togo’s population currently growing at less than 100,000 per year. As of 2019, the annual growth rate of the country was 1.23%. To observe the population growth over the past 10 years, refer to the table given below. 

Year Population
2020 6,618,695
2019 6,530,026
2018 6,443,328
2017 6,355,404
2016 6,270,000
2015 6,177,950
2014 6,090,000
2013 6,010,000
2012 5,923,322
2011 5,840,000
2010 5,768,613

Facts About Population Of Paraguay 

Here are some facts about population of Paraguay

  • About 2/3rd of the total population of the country live in, or around, an urban area, and several cities are home to these people.
  • The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion, and it is also the largest city in the country with a population of 525,294 living within the city proper and more than 2.2 million living in the greater metro area.
  • Asuncion also serves as the hub for all things education, business, tourism, religion, and spots, as well.
  • The second largest city in the country is Ciudad Del Este with 293,817 citizens.
  • The indigenous Guarani still have an influence, but most residents identify as mestizos after years of intermarriage between different ethnic groups.
  • Paraguay has long been a recipient of immigrants, particularly after its demographics collapsed, and there are many groups f ethnic Italians, Germans, Japanese, Russians, etc.

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What Percentage Of Paraguay Is Female?

The Sex Ratio in Paraguay in 2021 is 103.25 males per 100 females. There are 3.67 million males and 3.55 million females in Paraguay. The percentage of female population is 49.20% compare to 50.80% male population. Paraguay has 0.12 million more males than females.

What Is The Racial Population Of Paraguay?

Ethnically, culturally, and socially, Paraguay has one of the most homogeneous populations in South America. About 75% of the people are mestizo (mixed Spanish and Guaraní Native American descent), 20% are Whites, and the rest are small minorities of Indigenous or Afro Paraguayan origin.

What Paraguay Is Known For?

Agriculture and stockbreeding make up the main economic activities of Paraguay. The most important crops include soybeans, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, corn, tobacco and the yerba mate herb, in addition to a large variety of tropical fruits and vegetables.

What Is The Population Of Paraguay In 2023?

The current population of Paraguay is 7,368,704 as of Thursday, March 16, 2023, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

How Many Muslims Live In Paraguay?

There are just 35,000 Muslims in Paraguay, most of them from Syria and Lebanon, out of a population of more than seven million people (much less than 0.1%). Paraguay, however, is at the centre of the Triple Frontier, where its poorly marked borders intersect with Argentina and Brazil.

Why Did Paraguay Lose 90% Of Their Male Population?

The War of the Triple Alliance (1864–1870) in South America killed up to 70% of the Paraguayan male population. According to Paraguayan national lore, the skewed sex ratios resulting from the conflict are the cause of present-day low marriage rates and high rates of out-of-wedlock births.


By reading this article, you have understood what’s the population of Paraguay in detail. The currency of Paraguay is Paraguayan Guarani, Paraguay language is Spanish and Paraguayan Guarani, and the area of Paraguay is 406,752 km2. Paraguay is popularly known for its stockbreeding and agriculture, which make up the main source of income. The most important crops include soybeans, cotton, wheat, sugarcane, corn, tobacco, and yerba mate herb. Now, you understand many things about Paraguay including the population of Paraguay.  

How many people live in Paraguay?