What Population Of Monroe La? 

Do you know the population of Monroe La? Probably many of you don’t know about it. Don’t worry about it, just read out this article, and you will clear all your doubts regarding Monroe’s population. Monroe La is a city located in Northeast Louisiana, along with its sister city across the Ouachita River. Monroe is the largest city in Northeast Louisiana state, and also an economic, educational, and medical hub for Northeast Louisiana state. Monroe is popularly known for its museums, cultural attractions, and many other things. Let’s get started and know about the population of Monroe La.  

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What Population Of Monroe La? 

The population of Monroe La is 45,752 as of 2022 and according to the US Bureau of Population, Monroe is currently declining at a rate of -1.11% annually and its population has decreased by -6.44% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 48,902 in 2010. The city of Monroe is home to a population of 48200 people in 2020, from which 98.9% are citizens. As of 2019, 2.22% of Monroe residents were born outside of the country. 

The population of West Monroe La is only 12,413 as of 2020. 

Let me tell you about the population of different cities near Monroe in Louisiana state. 

Population Of Monroe La By City 

The largest city in Louisiana state of America is New Orleans, with a total population of 387,564. Addis is the fastest growing city in Louisiana state over the past 10 years, having grown 136.38% since the year 2010. There are a total of 474 cities located in Louisiana State, but here we have given the population of only 10 cities, which are near Monroe city. So, take a look at the table given below, you will know the population of different cities in Louisiana state. 

Name Of City Population Density Per sq mi 
New Orleans 3875642287
Baton Rouge 2143742480
Shreveport 1803681680
Metairie 1421356111
Lafayette  1256272264
Lake Charles 787861755
Bossier City 676881557
Kenner 656084409
Monroe 45,752 1562
Alexandria 450281581

Population Of Monroe La As Per Year 

In the year 2019, Monroe city’s population was 48200 with a median age of 32.7 and a median household income of $30,438. Between 2018 and 2019 the population of the city declined from 48,663 to 48,241, which means -a 0.86% decrease and its median household income grew from $30,009 to $30,438, a 1.38% increase. To get more clarity about the Monroe population in the fast 10 to 12 years, take a look at the table given below. 

Year Population 

Now, you know about what is the population of West Monroe La, let’s understand some facts regarding Monroe’s population. 

Facts About Population Of Monroe La  

The facts about the population of Monroe La are 

  • The maximum population of Monroe city was in 1990, when its population was 54,779. 
  • In 1990, Monroe was the 458th largest city in the United States, and now it’s fallen to the 844th largest city in the United States. 
  • Currently, Monroe city is 13,7% smaller than it was in 1990. 
  • Monroe has shrunk 10.7% since the year 2000. Monroe, Louisiana’s growth is extremely below average. 
  • 96% of similarly sized cities are growing faster than Monroe city since 2000. 
  • The total voting-age population of Monroe, Louisiana, meaning US citizens 18 or older, is 34,651. The voting-age population is 45.7% male and 54.3% female.

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What Is Monroe LA Known For?

These days, Monroe is best known for its museums (among them: Biedenharn Museum & Gardens, Masur Museum of Art, Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum and the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum); its cultural attractions (see: The Monroe Symphony Orchestra, events at Flying Tiger Brewery and Monroe’s renowned.

Is West Monroe LA A Good Place To Live?

With a population of approximately 13,000 people, West Monroe supports a great quality of life for those young at heart! West Monroe offers affordable homes, prosperity and growth while offering a variety of outdoor recreation, cultural and family-friendly amenities.

How Large Is Monroe LA?

85.23 km²

Where Did Monroe LA Get Its Name?

Originally called Prairie de Canots, or “Prairie of the Canoes,” it was renamed in 1819 to honour the arrival of the James Monroe, the first steamboat to ascend the river. In August and September 1863, the city was the site of two minor conflicts during the American Civil War.

Is Monroe LA A Small Town?

Monroe (historically French: Poste-du-Ouachita) is the eighth-largest city in the U.S. state of Louisiana, and parish seat of Ouachita Parish. With a 2020 census-tabulated population of 47,702, it is the principal city of the Monroe metropolitan statistical area, the second-largest metropolitan area in North Louisiana.

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What Is The Racial Demographic Of Monroe LA?

Race & Ethnicity
The largest Monroe racial/ethnic groups are Black (59.6%) followed by White (35.3%) and Hispanic (1.9%).

Why Live In Monroe LA?

Monroe is a great place to live, there is the old charm of older buildings and homes with the new feel of modern buildings and homes to live. Downtown local charm with a touch of new and modern restaurants to bring in new and old.

What Town In Louisiana Has The Highest Crime Rate?

Monroe has the highest rate of violent crime in the state, with a 1 in 147 chance of experiencing violence. If you’re visiting Monroe for attractions like the Biedenharn Museum, it’s advised to secure your belongings and vehicles, given the high rates of property vandalism and theft—5,616 per 100,000.


Now, you know the Monroe, Wi population as well as the population of different cities near Monroe and in Louisiana state. While talking about Louisiana state, it is the 25th most populous state in the United States, boasting a population of 4.7 million people. When you see Monroe’s racial composition as of 2020, you found White people are 14,398, Black or African American people are 30,166, Native American people are 84, Asian people are 835, Pacific Island people are 10, etc. From now, you won’t face any difficulty with the population of Monroe.  

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