What Is The Population Of Kauai? 

Before knowing the population of Kauai, you should know about Kauai itself. Well, Kauai is the oldest island of the Hawaiian Islands and at which worries vanish in the trade winds, warm saltwater laps the golden sands of Kauai’s beaches. Kauai is the 24th largest island in the United state and the 4th largest of the islands in the US. The island is famous for its natural beauty and scenic spots. These include Waimea Canyon, Cocos Coast, and more. You will find gorgeous mountains and waterfalls, white sand beaches, sugarcane fields, and beachside cliffs like those on the Na Pali coast.

Let’s have a look at the population of Kauai.  

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What Is The Population Of Kauai? 

The population of Kauai is 73,454 as of 2021. According to the last census performed in 2010, the population of the Kauai islands was 67,091, with a Kauai population density of 106 people per square mile. In terms of areas, it is the 21st most significant island in the United States. In Kaiai, tourism is the primary source of income and many tourists come every year. So, the population of Kauai with tourists is not always fixed but goes up and down daily. Every month, between 100,000 and 140,000 tourists visit Kauai. The population of Kauai county is 67,091 and the population of Kauai island is 73,454 as of 2021. 

Now, you know what is the population of Kauai Hawaii as well as the total population of Kauai. Let’s know the Island of Kauai population by city. 

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Population Of Kauai By Cities 

In Kauai the largest and most populous city is Kapa. According to census data, the population of this city is around 10,699 people and has a total area of 10 sq miles. We have mentioned a table below to give you the population of different cities or towns on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. After taking a look at the table, you may find that there are not so densely populated cities or metro cities on the island. In Kauai, the highest population is 11,652, so you can imagine the population density of cities and towns. 

Name Of City Population Density In Km2
Kapa’s 11,652 205
Wailua Homesteads 5,863 594.14
Lihu’e 8,004 45.6
Koloa 2,231 1,804
Puhi 3,380 8,156
Hanapepe 2,678 2,913
Waimea 2,057 428.88
Anahola 2,311 610
Kilauea 3,014 619
Princeville 2,158 893

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Population Of Kauai As Per Year 

While looking at the history of the population growth of Kauai, you will find that Kauai has seen slow and steady growth throughout its history. This trend is not expected to stop, at least not in the near future. While Kauai will not see substantial growth, it will continue to add new residents in the years ahead. In Kauai, the cities and towns have populations that range from around 10,000 people to hamlets with few residents. The population of the island is fluctuating because over 1.2 million tourists visited in 2007, with almost 87% of visitors coming from the US continental. Here is a table showing you the population of the island of Kauai from 2010 to 2020, have a look at the table. 

Year Population
2020 71,851
2019 72,190
2018 72,292
2017 71,838
2016 71,574
2015 71,052
2014 70,316
2013 69,653
2012 68,680
2011 67,894
2010 67,208

Facts About Population Of Kauai 

Here are some facts about the population of Kauai, 

  • The total population of Kauai in 2021 was 9.3% more than the population of Kauai in 2010. 
  • The population of the United States grew 7.3% while Kauai’s population grew 5.6% during the period. 
  • Kauai’s population increased 10 out of the 11 years between the year 2010 and the year 2011. 
  • The largest annual population increase was 1.4% between 2012 and 2013. 
  • The largest decline in the country was between 2018 and 2019 when the population dropped by 0.1%. 
  • Between 2010 and 2021, Kauai county grew by an average of 0.8% per year. 
  • Out of the total population of Kauai, the white group population is 21,563. 
  • Between 2010 increased by 2,318 from 6,384 in 2010 to 8,702 in 2021.  

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How Much Of Kauai Is Uninhabited?

I reasoned: to never go at all, or to go for a brief-yet-rich taste of an island that not even the majority of Hawaiians have ever visited. With a boastful tone, so many the islanders on Kauai offered me varying figures: “Well, you know, our island is 80% uninhabited!” they averaged, and I did not question them.

Is Maui Or Kauai Better?

If you’re ready to trade the hustle and bustle for variety and adventure in your life, Maui probably sounds like the perfect escape. If you’re looking for something quieter and family-friendly, with plenty of outdoor activities and natural beauty, Kauai is the ideal island paradise.

Does Mark Zuckerberg Live On Kauai?

The reservoir has not been repaired and Zuckerberg will be legally required to make repairs to the dam and reservoir. This acreage is inland, in the area of Zuckerberg’s Koolau Ranch. With this purchase, Zuckerberg and wife now own approximately 1,412 acres on Kauai.

Is It Affordable To Live In Kauai?

According to many Kauai residents, you can’t afford not to move to Kauai. While living expenses are typically more expensive than on most of the Mainland and elsewhere, Kauai homeowners are free of many other expenses that clutter the daily lives of non-islanders.

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What Are The Demographics Of Kauai?

The largest Kauai County racial/ethnic groups are Asian (29.8%) followed by White (29.3%) and Two or More (19.9%).

Is Kauai Expensive To Live On?

Is Kauai Expensive to Live On? There’s no doubt about it: Kauai is an expensive place to live. In fact, it’s one of the more expensive Hawaiian Islands to live on. A lot of the cost is driven by Kauai’s housing prices, which can be the highest in Hawaii.

Do Any Celebrities Live On Kauai?

Some of the celebrities calling the Garden Island home, include Ben Stiller, Pierce Brosnan, Natalie Merchant and Bette Midler plus, the latest celebs include Lisa Ling and Richie Sambora.


Kauai is the 4th largest island in Hawaii and it is called “Garden Island”. Although it is a safe place to travel and has a relatively low crime rate, it is always wise to take precautions to protect yourself and your belongings. Always swim and hike with friends on Kauai. And don’t leave valuables in your car when you go on a long hike or go to the beach. It is the greatest vacation spot all around. The moderate weather and water temperature year-roundand is good for the population of Kauai.  

How many people live in Kauai?