What Is The Population Of Honolulu? 

Before knowing the population of Honolulu, you should know about Honolulu itself. Honolulu is a city located in Honolulu County Hawaii. Honolulu is not just a city but a capital as well as the largest city in Hawaii. Honolulu is a perfect and unique combination of tropical glamour and a buzzing international metropolis. It is best to know the city for Waikiki beach, Pearl Harbour, Waimea Waterfall, Diamond Head, and many more things. So, without taking too much time, let’s get started and know about the population of Honolulu.  

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What Is The Population Of Honolulu? 

The population of Honolulu is 339,421 as of 2022. According to some data and reports, Honolulu is currently declining at a rate -of 0.55% annually but its population has increased by 0.09% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 339,121 in 2010. The population of Honolulu Hawaii is diverse and contains Asian Americans in the majority. The largest ethnic groups include Japanese 20%, Filipinos 13%, Chinese 10%, Koreans 4%, Vietnamese 2%, and Asian Indians 0.3%. 

Now, you know what is the population of Honolulu Hawaii, let me tell you about the population of different cities in Honolulu. 

Population Of Honolulu By City 

Honolulu is a County, therefore, there are many important cities in it. The table given below will tell you about the population of different cities in Honolulu county along with the density per sq m. What Island is Honolulu on? It is located on an island called Oahu. There are more islands in Honolulu County including Ni’ihau, Na Mokulua, Manana, Sand Island, etc. as of 2020, the population of Honolulu Island was 347,181. 

Name Of City  Population  Density Per Sq/Km 
Kailua  40514 2012.67
Pearl City  45295 1917.62
Kapolei  20492 11.32
Kaneohe  37430 2,208.90 
Waipahu  43485 16,237 
Ewa Beach  16415 4,320.34 
Waianae  13614 973.87
Haleiwa  4941 875.8 
Schofield Barracks  14904 81.18

Population Of Honolulu As Per Year 

According to the latest census, the population of the Island of Oahu, on which Honolulu is located, grew 8.8% from 2000 to 2010. By 2030, the state as a whole is projected to have a population of 1.47 million, up more than 9% from the 2010 population of 1.34 million. Honolulu itself is growing more slowly. After some growth from 1900 to 1980, the city posted flat growth in 1990. Well, we will not go into that much depth, the table gives you the population of Honolulu County in the last 12 years only.

Year  Population 
2021 898000
2020 892000
2019 886000
2018 879000
2017 870000
2016 860000
2015 851000
2014 841000
2013 832000
2012 823000
2011 814000
2010 805000


Facts About Population Of Honolulu 

The facts about the population of Honolulu are 

  • The median age in Honolulu city is 41.5 years, 39.6 years for males, and 43.7 years for females. 
  • The average household income in Honolulu is $97,456 with a poverty rate of 10.69%. 
  • The median rental costs in recent years come to $1,520 per month, and the median house value is $707,400. 
  • Honolulu is the greatest hub for military defense, international business, and travel. 
  • At the last census in 2010, Honolulu’s population was 390,700, which is believed to have grown to 402,500. 
  • This makes Honolulu the 46th most populated city in the United States, with a metropolitan area boasting a population of 955,000. 
  • According to the predictions of some researchers, by 2030, the state as a whole is projected to have a population of 1.47 million, up more than 9% from the 2010 population of 1.34 million. 

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What Is The Population Of Honolulu Hawaii 2022?


The current metro area population of Honolulu in 2022 is 905,000, a 0.78% increase from 2021. The metro area population of Honolulu in 2021 was 898,000, a 0.67% increase from 2020.

Is Honolulu The Biggest City In The World?

Honolulu’s population is 337,256 (2010 Census), which makes it the largest city in the state of Hawaii. But the city is not just the largest in Hawaii, but the “largest” city in the whole world.

What Is The Population Of Honolulu Metro Area?


Honolulu / Metro population

As of the 2020 U.S. Census, the population of Honolulu was 350,964, while that of the urban Honolulu census-designated place (CDP) was 802,459. The Urban Honolulu Metropolitan Statistical Area had 1,016,508 residents in 2020.

Is Honolulu Overpopulated?

Many of the most famous names associated with Hawaii are on Oahu–Diamond Head, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, King Kamehameha–but for many people, despite its beauty, the island has become overbuilt and overpopulated.

Why Is Hawaii Losing So Many Residents?

Even as the state has more people being born than dying, Hawaii’s population continues to decline as people leave the state for less expensive pastures.

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What Percentage Of Hawaiians Live In Honolulu?

Coastal Demographics

100 percent of Hawaii’s population lives in a coastal county. The most populated of the state’s five counties is Honolulu, with approximately 984,200 people, or about 70 percent of the population.

Are There Hindus In Hawaii?

The monastery was established in 1970 as a spiritual headquarters for the Hindu religion in Hawaii and today it serves as a base for the 19 monks from 5 nations who reside here entirely self-sufficiently.

Is Maui Or Honolulu Bigger?

Home to the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu, Oahu is the most populous Hawaiian island, with just over one million residents. However, Oahu is just the third-largest of the Hawaiian islands in physical size, behind Maui and the so-called “Big Island” of Hawaii


So, after reading this article you became well aware of Honolulu’s population as well as the population of different cities in Honolulu. Also, the density of population in the different cities in Honolulu. When talking about the educational factor, the highest rate of high school graduation is among white people with a rate of 97.93%. Also, the highest rate of bachelor’s degrees is among white people with a rate of 54.48%. 64.42% of residents of Honolulu speak English only, while the remaining 35.58% speak another language. Now, all your doubts got cleared regarding the population of Honolulu

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What is the population of the greater Honolulu area