What Is The Population Of Florence Sc? 

In today’s article, we bring light to the population of Florence Sc. So, stay connected till the end of this article. In order to understand the population growth and decline in the city, we will give you the population of Florence over the past 10 years. We will also give the population of other cities in South Carolina. So, Florence is a beautiful city in the state of South Carolina, in the United States. Currently, Florence is becoming a focal point for entertainment, recreation, and local cuisine for visitors in the Pee Dee region. In all these, a diverse culinary scene and a delightful array of leisure pursuits make Florence one of a kind. Let’s come to the population of Florence Sc.  

What Is The Population Of Florence Sc? 

The population of Florence Sc is 20,036 as of 2023. According to this population, Florence is the 12th largest city in South Carolina and the 990th largest city in the United States. The city is located in Florence County South Carolina, the population of Florence County Sc is 1.37 lakhs as of 2021 and the population of South Carolina is 51.9 lakhs as of 2021. Currently, the population of Florence is growing at a rate of 0.1% yearly. Until now its population has increased by 0.29% since the latest census, which recorded a population of 39,919 in 2020. Florence spans over 23 miles and the population density is 1,770 people per square mile. The population of North Florence Sc is 39,958 as of 2021. 

Now, you know the population of Florence. Let’s know the population of other cities in South Carolina. 

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Population Of Florence Sc By City 

In South Carolina, the largest city is Charleston, with a population of 153,040 as of 2023, and the second largest city in the state is Columbia, with a population of 137,996 as of 2023. Similarly, the third largest city in the state is North Charleston, with a population of 120,949 as of 2023. South Carolina, is the fastest-growing city in Atlantic Beach, and it has grown over the past 10 years, having grown 53.47% since 2010. There are other important cities in South Carolina having a population of, 

  • The population of Columbia, Sc is 137,996 as of 2023
  • Florence, Sc metro population is 1,99,964 as of 2023
  • Darlington, Sc Population is 6,092 as of 2021

Here we have given a table that shows you the population along with the population density of the top 10 cities in South Carolina. 

Name Of City Population Density Per Sq m
Charleston 153,040 1,384
Columbia 137,996 1,015
North Charleston 120,949 1,561
Mount Pleasant 95,530 1,936
Greenville 74,548 2,515
Rock Hill 73,992 1,918
Summerville 51,631 2,622
Goose Creek 47,105 1,143
Greer 45,812 2,004
Sumter 42,812 1,295

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Population Of Florence Sc As Per Year 

The growth of the population of Florence is not very fast but it has been increasing at a very little rate of growth which is 0.1% annually. In 2022, the population of Florence was 39,997 and with this population, it was the 990th largest city in the United States. Florence has grown a total of 26.7% since 2000 and it is growing somewhat quickly. Florence is growing faster than 69% of similarly sized cities in South Carolina since 2000. Well, to understand the growth of the population of Florence, below we have mentioned a table that shows you the population of the city over the past 10 years. 

Year Population
2022 39,997
2021 39,958
2020 39,919
2019 39,612
2018 39,328
2017 39,044
2016 38,760
2015 38,476
2014 38,192
2013 37,908
2012 37,624

Facts About The Population Of Florence Sc  

The facts about the population of Florence Sc are 

  • Florence Sc population by race is, 45.74% white, 48.48% Black or African American, 2.51% Asian, 1.4% two or more races, 1.12% other race, 0.69% Native American, and 0.07% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.
  • Florence, Sc Black population is 18,683 as of 2020.
  • The population of females in Florence is 21,074 which is 54.69% and the population of males is 17,461 which is 45.31%.
  • In Florence, the higher rate of high school graduation is among other races with a rate of 87.55%.
  • The highest rate of bachelor’s degrees is among Asian people with a rate of 48.43%.
  • In Florence, 96.39% of the population speaks the English language and the remaining 3.61% population uses other languages. In other languages, the majorly spoken language is Spanish.

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Is Florence SC A Good Place To Live?

Living in Florence offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Florence there are a lot of parks. Many families and young professionals live in Florence and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Florence are above average.

Why Is Florence SC So Popular?

A contemporary Southern belle of a city, Florence offers a wonderful array of entertainment, outdoor recreational activities, and local cuisine. This burgeoning hub of shopping, recreation, arts and entertainment has plenty of appeal and a flavor that hits all the sweet spots of both small-town and big city living.

Is It Cheaper To Live In SC Or FL?

Cost Of Living

Looking at those numbers, South Carolina is more affordable than Florida in every category but health care. However, it also has a smaller population and less land mass. Florida’s extensive coastline and demand for waterfront living also increase its cost of living scores.

Is Florence SC Water Safe To Drink?

For the latest quarter assessed by the U.S. EPA (January 2021 – March 2021), tap water provided by this water utility was in compliance with federal health-based drinking water standards.


By going through this article, you came across the population of Florence and also the population of neighboring cities of Florence. Want to move to Florence? Is Florence, Sc safe? Well, Florence is a great and safe place to live. Lots of things to do here including good food, great schools, and neighborhoods filled with wonderful people. Also, Florence, South Carolina crime rate is 7,819 incidents for every 100,000 people. So, due to the low crime rate and tremendous opportunities, and good quality of life, the migration to Florence is which increases the population of Florence Sc.  

What is the ethnic makeup of Florence SC

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