What Is The Population Of Brooklyn? 

Before moving to the population of Brooklyn, let’s have a look at Brooklyn. You may or may not have visited Brooklyn, but it is one of the best places to visit. Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs in New York City, United States. Boroughs mean small areas or towns inside a large town that has some form of local government. It is exactly situated on the westernmost edge of Long Island and shares a border with the Borough of Queens. Brooklyn is the home of iconic New York attractions like the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, and Prospect Park, plus some of the best New York pizzas. Instead of further discussion let’s come back to our main topic which is the population of Brooklyn. 

What Is The Population Of Brooklyn? 

The population of Brooklyn is around 2,576,771 as of 2023. It is the most populous borough among the five boroughs of New York City and the second largest in terms of land area. The population density of Brooklyn is 14,182 people per sq km. Brooklyn, NY currently enjoys a good growth rate in the population. It has an estimated population of 2.6 million with a very high population density of 36,732 people per sq mile. The history of the borough goes back 350 years and it has long been known as a popular destination for immigrants to the United States.   

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Here is the population of some different areas in Brooklyn, 

  • The population of Brooklyn center mn is 32,880 as of 2021 
  • The population of Brooklyn Park mn is 84,526 as of 2021
  • The population of Brooklyn Metro area is 23.6 million
  • The Jewish population of Brooklyn is 36,174
  • The population of Manhattan is 16.3 lakh as of 2020
  • The population of Queens is 22.7 lakhs as of 2020
  • Bronx Population is 14.3 lakhs as of 2020 

Now, you know what is the population of Brooklyn, New York. Let’s move ahead and know Brooklyn’s population by city. 

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Population Of Brooklyn By Cities 

The largest city in the state of New York is New York City with a population of 8,992,908 as of 2023. Country Knolls is the fastest-growing city in the state of New York over the past 10 years, having grown 17.5% since 2010. Brooklyn is also located in New York City and it contributes majorly to the population of New York City. What is the population of Brooklyn center Minnesota? So, the population of Brooklyn Center Minnesota is around 32,880 as of 2021.  Here we have given a table that contains the population of different cities within the state. 

Name Of City Population Density In Sq/m2
New York City 8,992,908 29,938
Buffalo 216,246 7,020
Yonkers 211,556 12,006
RochesteSyracuser 149,655 5,915
Albany 99,635 5,979
New Rochelle 80,524 4,655
Cheektowaga 77,324 7,780
Mount Vernon 75,873 3,047
Schenectady 67,320 17,307
Utica 66,198 6,238

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Population Of Brooklyn As Per Year 

Brooklyn is the most populous place in New York City. It has the same boundaries as Kings County, which is also the most populous county in the state and the second-most densely populated county in the county after New York Manhattan of County. If it was a city, Brooklyn would be the 4th most populous city in the United States. Below we have mentioned a table containing the population of the place from 2010 to 2020. 

Year Population
2020 2508000
2019 2500000
2018 2600000
2017 26400000
2016 2610000
2015 2600000
2014 2570000
2013 2540000
2012 2580000
2011 2490000
2010 2504,700

Now, you know what is the population of Brooklyn Center Mn, let’s know some interesting facts about Brooklyn population, including Brooklyn population by race. 

Facts About Population Of Brooklyn 

Here are some facts about the population of Brooklyn, 

  • In the southwest region of Brooklyn, mostly in Bay Ridge, Arab Americans, and Muslim communities are concentrated. 
  • Out of the total population of the region, the population of white people is 49.5% and that of African Americans is 35.8%. 
  • The population of Asians is 11.3%, the population of Native Americans is 1.0%, and the population of the native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders is around d0.1%. 
  • Brooklyn has a high female-to-male ratio and it is 88 males for every 100 females. It also has the largest lesbian community of any New York City borough. 
  • In Brooklyn, there are many languages spoken, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Yiddish, French Creole, Italian, Hebrew, Polish, French, Arabic, Indic Languages, and Urdu. 
  • 38% of the total population of Brooklyn residents are foreign-born. 
  • It has the oldest subway tunnel in the world and the first steel-wire suspension bridge. 
  • Brooklyn has a large ethnic press that includes El Diario La Prensa, the oldest and largest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the country, Haodia, an Orthodox Jewish newspaper, and more than 300 other non-English newspapers and magazines. 

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Is Brooklyn Still The 4th Largest City In America?

NYC, which includes the Borough of Brooklyn, is the largest city in the US. Coming in at number 2 is Los Angeles…the big Orange. Formerly at number 2, and still referring itself as America’s second city, is Chicago. Number four is.

Is Brooklyn Bigger Than Chicago?

Brooklyn population: 2,736,074 Chicago population: 2,746,388 We are 10,314 people shy of being the third largest city in the whole country.

Is Manhattan Or Brooklyn Bigger?

While Brooklyn is more than three times larger in size, Manhattan is almost twice as dense, with some 1.6 million people packed into 23 square miles.

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Why Is Brooklyn So Popular?

Brooklyn is filled with incredible landmarks and beautiful outdoor spaces that range from serene city parks to the thrilling Coney Island roller coasters. These are just a few reasons why people love living in Brooklyn; its neighborhood feel, sense of community, and access to great outdoor spaces are hard to resist.

Which City In USA Has Most Indians?

Bombay, in Jersey City, New Jersey, is home to the highest concentration of Asian Indians in the Western Hemisphere, containing the rapidly growing Indian ethnic enclave of India Square.

Where Do Most Millionaires Live In New York?

Manhattan has some of the most expensive residential streets and shopping districts in the world, including Billionaires’ Row. New York City’s high-net-worth-individual population grew by 40% between 2012 and 2022 to 340,000 people worth $1 million or more.


By reading this article you have understood all about Brooklyn’s population and its growth. Brooklyn has very popular neighborhoods, each reflecting the ever-changing population. In 1880, Brooklyn became one of the country’s most important manufacturing centers, and its busy port was handling more tonnage than its counterpart in Manhattan. Sugar refining was the city’s largest single industry, but Brooklyn was also the site of ironworks, petroleum refineries, slaughterhouses, and many factories. This was all about the population of Brooklyn. 

How many people live in Brooklyn NY?