What Is The Population Of Boise? 

Do you know the population of Boise? If not, then read this article till the end. Boise is the capital as well as the most populous city in the state of Idaho, United States. Boise’s main attractions include the Idaho State Capitol, the classic Egyptian Theatre on the corner of Capitol Boulevard and Main Street, the Boise Art Museum on the Capitol in front of Julia Davis Park, and Zoo Boise on the ground of Julia Davis Park. There are plenty of attractions in the city. Without getting too late to start, let’s begin and know the population of Boise

What Is The Population Of Boise? 

The population of Boise is around 244,687 as of 2023 and still growing. Boise is the largest city in the state of Idaho in terms of population and also the 97th largest city in the United States. The city is currently enjoying positive growth in the population and growing at the rate of 1.24% annually and its population has grown by 3.82% since the most recent census.

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The population was recorded at 235,684 in 2020. Boise, Idaho is snapped over 85 miles with a population density of 2,924 people per sq mile of land. It has a large ethnic community of about 15,000 people which is the largest in the United States and the 5th largest outside of Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and the Basque Country in France and Spain. 

Here is the population of different regions of the city, 

  • The population of Boise metro is 7,64,718
  • The Population of Boise Idaho Metropolitan area is 7,64718
  • The population of Meridian, Idaho is 1.26 lakhs as of 2021
  • Treasure valley population is 749,202
  • Ada county population is 5.12 lakhs as of 2021
  • The population of Boise Idaho is 2.37 lakhs as of 2021

Now, you know the population of Boise metro area as well the Boise population growth. Let’s see the population of Idaho according to its cities. 

Population Of Boise By Cities 

In Idaho, the largest city in terms of the population is Boise, with a population of 244,687 as of 2023. While the fastest-growing city in Idaho is Hamer, which has grown over the past 10 years by 14.46%. The second largest city in terms of population in Idaho is Meridian, with a population of 130,397 as of 2023 and the third largest city in Idaho is Nampa, with a population of 105,792 as of 2023. Refer to the table given below to see the value of the population in different cities in the state of Idaho. 

Name Of City Population Density In Km2
Boise 244,687 1,055.28
Meridian 130,397 1,337,1
Nampa 105,792 1,167.92
Idaho Falls 67,218 1,009.6
Caldwell 64,124 1,167.92
Coeur d’Alene 57,775 1,094.5
Pocatello 56,938 657.84
Twin Falls 54,111 1, 054
Rexburg 43,585 1,134.01
Post Falls 41,758 979.5

Population Of Boise As Per Year 

The city of Boise is currently the 15th fastest growing city in the United States, according to Forbes. The Boise city-Nampa metropolitan area is growing at a rate of 1.7% per year with a job growth rate that is keeping up. The largest cities in Idaho, including Boise, are rising three times faster than smaller towns in the state. When you observe the table mentioned below, then you will find that 151,715 people grew from 2010 to 2020, only in 10 years. To see the population growth in the past, have a  look at the table given below. 

Year Population
2020 769,581
2019 749,202
2018 728,911
2017 709,682
2016 691,285
2015 674,640
2014 662,624
2013 649,224
2012 637,425
2011 627,670
2010 617,866

Facts About Population Of Boise 

Here are some facts about the population of Boise, 

  • The city of Boise is home to many religions with the Boise hare Krishan Temple, an LDS Church temple, and the Jewish Ahavath Beth Israel Temple, which is the oldest continually used temper west of the Mississippi.
  • The average income of households in the city is $82,424 with a poverty rate of 14.1%.
  • City is listed as one of the eight cities in the United States that is “Getting it right” by Time Magazine in 2014.
  • The World Center for Birds of Prey is located just outside of the city and it has played an important role in the re-establishment of the Peregrine Falcon and getting it removed from the Endangered Species list.
  • In the 1980s, most refugees settled in Idaho, and Bose, in particular, was Southeast Asian and Eastern European, with many refugees from the Soviet Union arriving at the end of the 1980s.

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What Percent Of Boise Is Mormon?

When some people consider a move to Boise, they wonder how “Mormon” the community is. Well, here’s your answer. 16% of Boise residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (according to City Data).

Is Boise Bigger Than Salt Lake City?

When it comes to the size of Salt Lake City in comparison with Boise, SLC is larger. It covers 110 square miles whereas Boise covers 82 square miles. However, Boise has more people living there. 220,859 people live in Boise versus Salt Lake City having 194,188 people living there.

Is Boise Considered A Big City?

Boise (locally /ˈbɔɪsi/ ( listen) BOY-see) is the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Idaho and is the county seat of Ada County. As of the 2020 census, there were 235,684 people residing in the city.

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Why Is Boise So Popular?

Boise is frequently lauded as a good place to raise a family due to its low crime rate and abundance of outdoor activities. The metro area also attracts retirees who are looking for a place to stretch their retirement dollar without sacrificing easy access to good health care options.

Is Boise Idaho The Fastest Growing City In The US?

The U.S. population grew by 2.7% over the past five years, from about 327 million in 2016 to almost 332 million people in 2021. But in recent years, urban populations in much of the country have swelled even more rapidly.

Is It Cheaper To Live In Idaho Or Utah?

Idaho has a cost of living that is 5% below the national average while Utah’s cost of living is slightly higher, coming in at 3.8% above the national average. Park City, UT is one of the most expensive cities in the state to live in due to its luxurious ski resorts and lavish homes.


By reading this article you have come across the population of Boise Id. The Bose meaning is ‘Wooded’. Boise is full of manmade and natural attractions. This is the perfect place for all history buffs and indie music lovers. The city has a warm and welcoming community that represents public art throughout the city and in museums. Idaho’s capital city has several art and historic sites, including mouth-watering cuisine that is a must-try and is a favorite of the population of Boise

How many people live in Boise Idaho?

What was the population of Boise City in 2021?