What Is The Population Of Aruba? 

Hello readers! Today we will know the population of Aruba. We will also provide you with the people of the top cities in the country. Aruba, officially the County of Aruba, is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is located in the mid-south of the Caribbean Sea. Aruba is the best for its dazzling white beaches, but away from the beaches, there are fascinating desert-like landscapes, colorful architecture, and a vibrant art and social scene to explore. If you plan to visit Aruba, then work on the budget, because Aruba is an expensive place to visit. Without further discussion let’s move to the population of Aruba.  

What Is The Population Of Aruba? 

The population of Aruba is 106,307 as of 2023, which is based on the projections of the latest United Nations data. The United Nations estimates the July 1, 2023 population at 106,277. From 1960 to 2021, the population of the country increased from 54,208 to 106,537 people. This is a growth of 96.5% in 61 years. The highest increase in the population was recorded in 1993 with 6.24%. The biggest decrease was observed in 1987 with -1.29%. In the same period, the total population of all countries worldwide increased by 160.2%. Here are some different populations of the country, 

  • The population of Aruba with tourists is 2 million as of 2021
  • The population of Aruba vaccinated is 74.8% of the total population
  • The population of Aruba by nationality is 75% mixed European and Amerindian, 15% Black, and 10% other ethnicities.
  • The population of Aruba Island is 108,166 people
  • Ethnic population of Aruba is 10%
  • The official population of Aruba is 106,307 as of 2023
  • The current population of Aruba is 106,307 as of 2023

Now, you know whats the population of Aruba. Let’s have a look at the population of different cities in the country. 

Population Of Aruba By Cities 

In Aruba, the largest city in terms of population is Oranjestad, with a population of 29,998 as of 2023. Similarly, the second largest city in terms of population is Tanki Leendert, with a population of 21,500, and the thirstiest city in terms of population is San Nicols, with a population of 15,200. When you observe the table given below, then you will find that there is not a single city that has a population of more than 1 lakh, even 50 thousand. So, it proves that there are not much-populated cities in Aruba. To know the population of the top cities in Aruba, refer to the table mentioned below. 

Name Of City Population Density In Sq/m2
Oranjestad 29,998 32,000
Tanki Leendert 21,500 677.1
San Nicolas 15,200 413.3
Paradera 12,000 660.3
Noord 21,495 413.3
Tanki Flip 21,500 1026
Pos Chiquito 5,259 911.1
Savaneta 11,500 1416
Sint Anna 29,989 590.43

Population Of Aruba As Per Year 

Population growth is the result of birth rate, the mortality rate, and the migration rate. In 2020, the population of the country increased by about 140 people. In the same year, the death rate was 9.7 per 1,000 people and the birth rate was 8.1 per 1,000 people. As a result, around 310 people have to be added by migration from other countries. Over the last 10 years, the average death per year was 880 in the country. The number of births was 1,151 yearly. The changes in the population every year are displayed in the following table. 

Year Population
2020 106,585
2019 106,442
2018 105,962
2017 105,439
2016 104,872
2015 104,257
2014 103,473
2013 102,867
2012 102,309
2011 101,859
2010 100,341

Facts About Population Of Aruba 

Here are some facts about the population of Aruba, 

  • For 2021, the population of country Aruba was projected at 0.107 million, up by 0.4% as compared to the 0.106 million in 2020.
  • Aruba is ranked 197th in terms of population and 167th in terms of growth rate.
  • There were 1.2 thousand births in the country in 2021. That was 3 per day, which is ranked 200th. The crude birth rate is 11.91 per 1000 people.
  • There were 10000 deaths in Aruba in 2021, that is 3 deaths per day and it ranked 192nd. The crude death rate was 9.52 per 1000 people.
  • 9 thousand people are living in Urban areas, which is 43.87% of the total population of the country. In this section, Aruba ranked 172nd.
  • Aruba population growth rate is -0.0% annual change in 2021.

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What Are Natives Of Aruba Called?

The people and culture of Aruba have many different backgrounds, ranging from the Native Arubans, to the Spanish, and more recently, the Dutch.

What Ethnicity Lives In Aruba?

Most of Aruba’s population is ethnically mixed, including many people of American Indian ancestry, often in combination with Dutch, Spanish, and African heritage.

How Many People Live In Aruba Year Round?

The current population of Aruba is 107,985 as of Tuesday, March 14, 2023, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data.

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What Type Of Food Do They Eat In Aruba?

Aruba is known for being the “happy island” for seafood lovers since fresh-caught fish is abundant. Fishermen haul in wahoo, snapper, shrimp, lobster, oysters, mahi-mahi, grouper, conch, and more. The delicious seafood comes grilled, fried, and served in soups and stews.

Is Aruba Considered A Third World Country?

According to the definition from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Aruba is a developing country because of its lower economic performance. In terms of revenues, Aruba ranks only 37th in the world and, with an average annual income of 29,390 USD is one of the high-income countries.

Is It Expensive To Live In Aruba?

Summary of cost of living in Aruba: A family of four estimated monthly costs are 4,104.4$ without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,137.7$ without rent. Cost of living in Aruba is, on average, 5.6% higher than in United States.


After reading this article you got what’s the population of Aruba and you know the total population of Aruba now. How big is Aruba? Well, the area of Aruba is 180 km2 and the Aruba language is Dutch and Papiamento. Aruba is about 1.0 times the size of Washington D.D. It is thus one of the smallest countries in the Americas by area and ranked 221st worldwide. With 595 people per km2, it is also one of the most densely populated countries. Only slightly less than half of all residents live within cities. Now, you have understood the population of Aruba.  

How many people live in Aruba 2023?