What Is The Population Of Arizona? 

Do you know the population of Arizona? Here you can get this. In today’s article, we are going to discuss Arizona’s population. While talking about Arizona, it is the most popular and famou1s place also called “The Grand Canyon State”. Arizona is a state in the United States known as the “Copper State” revealing its abundance of this mineral. It is the 14th most populous and 6th largest state among the 50 states of the United States. The state’s Sonoran Desert is the only place on earth where the iconic saguaro cactus grows. Without having further discussion let’s get started and know the population of Arizona

What Is The Population Of Arizona? 

The population of Arizona is 7,379,346 as of 2023. There are some great cities with a great population in the state. Let’s take a look at them. The population of Phoenix Arizona 16.2 lakhs as of 2021, the population of Tucson Arizona is 5.43 lakhs as of 2021, the population of Flagstaff Arizona is 76,989 as of 2021, the population of Casa Arizona is 57,699 as of 2021, and the population of Scottsdale Arizona is 2.43 lakhs as of 2021. Arizona is the 7th fastest-growing state, posting a cumulative growth of 6.82%. From 1990 to 2000, the state was the second fastest-growing state, increasing its population by nearly 40%. 

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Now, you know what is the population of Phoenix Arizona. Let’s know Arizona’s population by its cities. 

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Population Of Arizona By Cities 

In Arizona, the largest city in terms of population is Phoenix with a population of 1,649,641. While Rock House is the fastest-growing city in the state over the past 10 years, having grown -120% since 2010. The state’s total population is concentrated around Phoenix city, which is the capital of Arizona, and Tucson, which is the second largest city in the state in terms of population.

The largest county in Arizona is Maricopa County in terms of population. Maricopa County is home to 4.1 million of the total population of the state which is 6.9 million people. It contains nearly 60% of the state’s population and it encompasses nine of the state’s ten largest cities. Here is the population of some top cities in the state of Arizona. 

Name Of City Population Density In km2
Phoenix 1,640,641 3,169
Tucson 547,131 2,299
Mesa 517,302 3,746
Chandler 283,959 4,360
Gilbert 279,810 4,086
Glendale 252,645 4,102
Scottsdale 246,157 1,338
Peoria 198,369 1,127
Tempe 184,361 4,612
Surprise 148,274 1,372

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Population Of Arizona As Per Year 

The state of Arizona joined the Union in 1912 and became the 48th state of the United States. At that time, the population of the state was just over 200,000 people, which ranked 45th of the 48 states. In the 100 years since, its population has grown rapidly, consistently posting annual growth rates of over 3%. Since the recent official estimate from the US Census in 2015, the estimated population has increased by nearly 100,000. If this rate is sustained, Arizona will surpass 8 million citizens by 2025, becoming the 12th state to reach this mark. Have a look at the table given below which will show the population of the state from 2010 to 2020. 

Year Population
2020 545,340
2019 541,482
2018 538,124
2017 535,873
2016 533,622
2015 531,371
2014 529,120
2013 526,869
2012 524,618
2011 522,367
2010 520,116

Facts About Population Of Arizona 

Here are some facts about the population of Arizona, 

  • Arizona is the 16th most populous state among the 50 states of the United States. 
  • In the state, the white population is 73.77%, the two or more races population is 6.96%, the Black or African American population is 4.53%, Native American 4.34%, the Asian population is 3.33%, and the native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander population is 0.2%. 
  • 37.1 is the average age in Arizona, with 50.3% female and 49.7% male. In terms of their preferred religion in the
  • states, 67% of Arizona’s completed the Christian faith, 6% a non-Christian faith, and 27% a faith unrelated to any of them. 

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What Is The Arizona Population 2022?

About 7.26 Million People

In 2022, about 7.26 million people were living in Arizona. This is an increase from the previous year, when 7.26 million people lived in the state. In 1960, the resident population of Arizona was about 1.3 million people.

Why Are So Many Moving To Arizona?

The homes are bigger and there’s more available land. Arizona is also known for its great weather and mild winters, stunning landscapes, abundance of jobs, and a decent cost of living. We have really become a magnet for people.”

Are More People Moving Into Or Out Of Arizona?

In Arizona, 54.1 percent of those moving were coming into the state, while 45.9 percent were leaving it, according to the study. About 35.71 percent cited retirement as the reason for their move to the state, followed by Job (25.22 percent) and lifestyle (22.16 percent).

Are Californians Moving To Arizona?

One of the major contributors to population growth in Arizona is domestic migration from neighboring states, particularly California. Many people move from California and other high-cost states to Arizona to look for affordable housing and better living conditions.

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How Many Adults Aged 60 And Older Live In AZ?

There are 1.5 million adults ages 60 and older who reside in the State of Arizona, many of whom are supported by informal caregivers such as family, friends and neighbors providing daily or intermittent care for these adults and persons living with disabilities.

Is Arizona Highly Populated?

It is the 6th-largest and the 14th-most-populous of the 50 states. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix.

Is The Population Of Arizona Increasing Or Decreasing?

Chart and table of population level and growth rate for the state of Arizona from 1900 to 2022. The population of Arizona in 2022 was 7,359,197, a 1.3% increase from 2021. The population of Arizona in 2021 was 7,264,877, a 1.18% increase from 2020.


This has given you all about Arizona’s population in detail. You also got the population of different cities in the state and also the population of the state in different years. The state’s population has always been predominantly urban, particularly since the mid-20th century, when urban and suburban areas began growing rapidly at the expense of the countryside. Arizona is a land of contradictions, although widely reputed for its hot low-elevation desert covered with cacti and creosote bushes, more than half of the state lies at an elevation of at least 4,000 feet. This was all about the population of Arizona.

How many people live in Arizona?